Strategic Themes

UFU-CAPES.PrInt is articulated in two main themes:

  • Social Dynamics, Quality of Life and Health, divided into five (5) projects of international collaboration; and
  • Convergent Technologies and Environmental Resources, with four (4) projects of international collaboration.

The theme of Social Dynamics, Quality of Life and Health is composed of the following projects:

  • P1-Construction of health cities: health, population, and social dynamics
  • P2-The national education systems in the Euro-American space: compared education and establishment of language policies
  • P3-Infectious, inflammatory and chronic diseases in a constantly changing environment that affects human and animal health
  • P4-Biomechanical rehabilitation and repair processes in dentistry: Impact on people’s health and quality of  life
  • P5-Socioenvironmental innovations and challenges in the Brazilian Cerrado’s modernity and its links to a sustainable economy

The theme Converging Technologies and Environmental Resources is composed of the following projects:

  • P6-New technologies for energy production, conversion and storage in a sustainable and efficient way;
  • P7-New materials and technologies for industry and a connected society;
  • P8-Technological solutions for agriculture and environmental conservation;
  • P9-Convergent technologies applied to health and well-being.